Thursday, January 22, 2009

Santa Rosa Real Estate Prices for 2009

It's anyone's guess when the bottom of the Santa Rosa real estate market will be found. My money is on Spring of 2009 but there are plenty of people who think it won't come to 2010 or beyond.

If you have to sell in this market, here are a couple of pieces of good advice.
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In many markets, sellers will face the toughest competition not from fellow homeowners but from banks and builders. Both will be willing to cut prices dramatically to sell a foreclosed or new home.

Go to to see how much nearby homes fetched recently. Once you've figured out what a buyer might pay, price your house 5% below that.

Sound painful? A recent study by a New Jersey appraiser found that houses priced below market ended up selling for more than similar houses listed above market. That's because lower prices attract more buyers.

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